Debal Banerjee, a prominent advocate for handloom craftsmanship, boasts an impressive 18-year career. As the Handloom evangelist, his mission centers on rejuvenating the Indian Handloom sector, a highly intricate industry with significant untapped potential.

The Indian handloom industry, a 5,000-year-old legacy, remains largely undocumented, showcasing complexities and craftsmanship. Debal, drawing from extensive firsthand experiences with artisans nationwide, has become an unparalleled expert in the field. Renowned international apparel brands turn to his expertise for spearheading research, developing strategies, enriching product portfolios, and optimising operational efficiency.

Debal’s outstanding contributions have earned him prestigious industry awards. He frequently conducts global training sessions and workshops, dedicating his expertise to pro bono consulting for social causes. Apart from his professional pursuits, Deb is renowned for his philanthropy, evident in his role as the founder of the Handloom Foundation.

Debal Banerjee the expert, advisor, educator ans startup coach in Indian handloom industry
awards received by Debal Banerjee


A pivotal moment in his journey was clinching the esteemed ‘Shaping Fashion 2019’ award, an honor jointly bestowed by Global Shapers (an initiative by the World Economic Forum), Fashion Revolution, and the Indian Institute of Craft and Design (IICD), Jaipur. This prestigious accolade recognized his unwavering dedication to championing and elevating Bengal handloom.

brief bio

  • Over 18 years of domain experience in the handloom industry.
  • Contributed as a visiting instructor in esteemed fashion and textile schools worldwide.
  • served as an  visiting instructor in various prestigious fashion and textile school globally
  • Recognised and awarded by the ‘World Economic Forum’ for his significant contributions to the Indian Handloom sector.
  • Mentored over 80 successful handloom start-ups.
  • Authored books focusing on the technical aspects of Indian Handloom, making him the sole author in this field.
  • Provided product development consultation to numerous Indian and global companies.
  • Actively involved as a craft revivalist, working with handloom craft clusters from 19 different states across India.
Debal Banerjee the expert, advisor, educator ans startup coach in Indian handloom industry
Team Debal Banerjee

Team debal

From skilled master weavers to accomplished design school graduates, the team Debal boasts a wealth of human resources dedicated to enhancing the guidance and consultation for a smoother handloom journey. Recognizing the vital need for comprehensive support in decision-making and business policy formulation for startups, we have strategically structured our team to provide the necessary handholding. As a team that prioritizes startup-friendly initiatives, we are committed to intervening at every step, acknowledging the limited human resources often available to startups. Our aim is to facilitate and simplify the intricate process of navigating the handloom industry for emerging businesses.

Please feel free to reach out to us to schedule a session, allowing both of us to explore how we can contribute to the success of your handcraft journey. Simply drop us a few lines, and we can arrange a video call to discuss your specific needs and potential collaboration.

Numerous positive outcomes have transpired following our video calls…


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